e-drill together with GWG cooperate so that can provide you with high-quality drilling and cutting consumables to speed up and make your work process easier. All of our tools are chuck friendly, great for use at workshops as well as on-site and designed to prevent damage to your equipment. We work constantly on improving and delivering a better experience in using our products.


HSSE Co5% drills
HSSE Co5% combined taps
HSS spiral point taps
HSS spiral flute taps
HSSE Co5% drill and countersinks
HSSE Co5% countersinks

Our Partners at



Our company have teamed up with GWG to provide you with high-quality drilling and cutting equipment, improving your working lifestyle with our advanced and up-to-date technological gear. The products we have in stock are highly efficient, making life much easier for our clients. Also, our partners at GWG have been producing cutting tools of high quality for more than 70 years now, so they are equipped with successful knowledge and expertise to supply you with the best, sufficient products yet.

All of our tools are chuck friendly which is perfect for working in workshops as well as on-site, preventing any serious damage to your equipment. We are a client-centric business, continuously aiming to improve and deliver a better experience in utilizing our products. Our wide range includes cobalt drills which are a combination of steel mixed with a small percentage of cobalt. These are typically used within high temperatures as the materials are strong enough to deal with these conditions.

We also have combined drills and taps on our site which are mainly equipped for battery and cable tools with rotary drilling operations. They are produced with top-quality materials to succeed an effective outcome. Cutting tools of a high-quality are another product of ours we take great pride in selling as they are from a quality high-speed steel along with great wear resistance. This is effective in the long run as they are made to be particularly long-lasting. Our company also specialises in distributing drilling tools with no-slip and hex shanks, machine taps, as well as spiral, centre and step drills. Moreover, dies and reamers. These are a selection of products that have many upsides as they are always undergoing constant improvement, ensuring our customers entail a positive experience.

Our merchandises are extremely popular as they control the rate of chip removal, where high cutting speed is traditionally used. For more information on our top-quality products, get in touch with us today and we will happily assist you further. Our partners at GWG are also certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 by SGS.